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Regenerative medicine, which contain hyaluronic acid and other proteins, is a revolutionary way to repair and regenerate damaged or injured tissues without the use of damaging cortisone injections, and invasive surgery that may have a lengthy recovery time, and not always a positive outcome. At Vitality Medical Center in Tustin, California, Dr. Laila Nayab-Murshidi, and her team of knowledgeable medical providers offer regenerative medicine - amniotic allograft injections for their patients with pain due to injuries and degenerative disease, and neuropathy. Improving the function of the joint and/or soft tissue is critical to your healing, so you can enjoy the things you love to do, like getting back to your sport, playing with your grand kids, playing golf, dancing and just daily activities like walking and getting around. If you are tired of having pain, don’t want surgery, tired of taking harsh medications, and live in Orange County or the Los Angeles area, call the office or book an appointment online to find out how regenerative medicine can get rid of your pain, reduce neuropathy symptoms, and improve your function without medication and surgery, so you can live life with quality.

Regenerative Medicine Q & A

What is regenerative medicine?

At Vitality Medical Center our highly experienced medical team will ease your pain through regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is an emerging multidisciplinary approach aimed at restoring cells, tissues, and nerves damaged by injury or disease.  Unlike surgery, regenerative medicine uses tissue engineering with the purpose of lubricating, replacing, repairing, and restoring damaged tissue to a condition as closely resembling their native architecture and function as possible. A critical advancement in the evolution of regenerative medicine has been the application of amniotic fluid-derived cells.


Why we use amniotic tissue?

Amniotic tissue is a matrix that jump-starts your own body’s intelligence to restore tissue design and function.  This homogeneous substance is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, and pain suppressing, although the mechanism of its pain-relieving properties is yet unknown.  Intrinsic growth factors designed to protect the developing fetus regulate most of the physiologic functions, contributing to its therapeutic proliferation, migration, and growth.  Amniotic tissue contains—cytokines, messenger RNA, collagen, carbohydrates, and amino acids—thus providing a nutritive rich setting for tissue regeneration.

How does this treatment help our body to naturally heal itself without going through surgery?

Your body has a natural potential to heal and grow new tissue using essential proteins and growth factors. Regenerative medicine harnesses those cells to treat injuries and disease, thus helping your body to heal itself more quickly repairing damaged cells and tissues while creating healthy cells. Our skilled providers use diagnostic ultrasound in the delivery for visualization and more accurate placement in the muscle or joints, injecting regenerative medicine precisely to the damaged or disease areas. After the treatment, most patients will see signs of improvement anywhere from 4-8 weeks.  Study show using ultrasound guided procedure reduces pain after the procedure is done by half, and most importantly, the response rate increases dramatically.

Your body will not reject the amniotic allograph, regenerative medicine, as it is not coded for anyone DNA, since it is derived from immune privileged amniotic fluid.  Zero rejection / zero negative reaction and very positive outcomes are expected.

For more information about how regenerative medicine can revolutionize your health goals, call Vitality Medical Center in Tustin, California, or book an appointment online today.